TUIO Cloth

During the 2011 summer I assisted CMU graduate student Ken Toh with a research project involving interactive cloth manipulation that featured multi-touch control. The goal was to determine if the use of a multi-touch touchpad to manipulate virtual cloth allowed for better control of the cloth, and if the design was intuitive. He had previously worked on this project before the summer and had cloth generation via swiping gestures, as well as both sticky finger control, cloth pinching, and simple tearing. I was tasked with adding additional features to the project, most notably generation of non-square cloths and cutting of cloth based upon gestures. The images below highlight the features I primarily worked on.

Using a touch pad, any simple closed gesture will generate a cloth the user can than manipulate.


Once the cloth is created, the program switches from drawing mode to manipulation mode, and one or multiple fingers can be used to control the cloth. Seen below is a single finger's gesture being used to create folds in a stationary cloth, as well as multiple finger gestures being used to stretch the cloth (if tearing was enable the cloth would tear where stress from stretching was above a threshold).



The next set of images demonstrate the cutting functionality of the simulation.


Once a cloth has been generated, any swipe originating from outside the body of the cloth is registered as a cut. Following a cut, each separate part of the cloth can be independently manipulated.



The following video is a compilation of all the functionalities of our system. My contributions to the project  are found towards the end.