Hello, and welcome to my web site.

My name is Nicholas (Nick) Sainz. I recently graduated from Carnegie Mellon University, with a B.S. in Computer Science and  a minor in Physics. My major focus of study is Computer Graphics, as it combines three of my passions: high level math, Physics, and computer programming. Knowledge of Physics has proven to be invaluable when working with graphics, particularly  physics-based animation.

The projects I have selected for this website are meant to showcase graphics knowledge and programming abilities, specifically working with OpenGL, GLSL, CUDA, and  various libraries.  You don’t have to fully understand the intricacies of  equations, algorithms, animation, or parallelization to appreciate well-designed computer graphics.

Source code for these projects available upon request.


OpenGL Projects

Basic OpenGL

Loop Subdivision






Boid Simulation


Inverse Kinematics


Cloth Simulation



CUDA Projects


Light Fields



TUIO Cloth